Birdiepal Outdoor

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Extremely durable high-density fiberglass frame with minimum metal contribution. High-quality and durable Polyamid fabric, double-stitched between segments, wear-resistant safety tips. Nearly unbreakable even in strong wind.
  • Convenient and reliable safety runner - no more caught fingers - easy to open even with the thickest glove. Due to the special shape of the fiberglass shaft, it is impossible to twist the opening mechanism.
  • Comfortable high-density EVA hard-foam handle with a good grip and integrated floating compass.
  • With the adjustable carrying strap, your hand remains free. The strap at the top offers more possibilities of being used.
  • Each umbrella comes with a practical foldable carrying case with net and non-slip fabric to store it while wet, so that your clothes remain dry. This makes the Birdiepal Outdoor an ideal umbrella for every day, too.
  • The compact trekking umbrella meets highest requirements of extreme use. Birdiepal Outdoor is also part of expedition equipment as protection against sun, wind and rain.
Weight: 14.4oz (408.2g)
Canopy: 47" (119.4cm)
Open Width: 40" (101.6cm)
Open Length: 26" (66cm)
Closed Length: 26" (66cm)

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