Dainty Automatic

  • $48.00

Strong, small, automatic – the flat and automatic open & close trekking umbrella.

At only 9.4” long, 3” wide and 1.9” tall when closed, this umbrella is extremely compact. When opened, however, the canopy diameter comes to a surprising 37”. Features a reliable automatic open & close function, strong metal shaft (4 sections), and is corrosion resistant.

6 highly flexible ribs with a combination of metal and fiberglass ensure the umbrella will not break easily even with strong wind.

The handle is made of ABS with Senosoft coating and includes a practical wrist loop with adjustable length.

The very lightweight Polyester fabric is tear resistant and Teflon® treated. Double stitched seams between the panels make the umbrella even stronger. Extra short tips reduce injuries.

Robust Nylon sleeve case with carrying loop allows the umbrella to be attached to your backpack or belt easily. There is also an aluminum-carabiner for alternative mounting to the carrying loop.

Canopy Diameter: 37"
Dimensions when Open: 41" wide x 22" tall
Dimensions when Closed: 9.4" long x 3" wide x 1.9" tall
Umbrella weighs 11.8 oz.

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