Light Trek

  • $50.50

The first professional hiking pocket umbrella.

Some outdoor outfitter shops offer a couple of small pocket umbrellas for hiking and trekking which appear to be suited for extreme outdoor purposes, but whose interior is often nothing out of the ordinary.

Only the latest and greatest materials for pocket umbrellas were used for the Light Trek. Features extra lightweight, extremely strong, Teflon® coated Polyester fabric with double stitched seams between segments. Its features a special aluminum-profile-shaft, additional fiberglass frame parts, anodized aluminum and fiberglass polyamide, and all frame parts are highly elastic, decay and corrosion resistant.

Its high-density EVA hard-foam handle is comfortable to the touch and features a safe grip and integrated floating compass.

Each umbrella comes in a rugged Nylon case with Polyester mesh sides and a carrying loop that allows it to be attached to your backpack or belt easily. It also comes with an aluminum-carabiner for alternative mounting.

The umbrella has an EVA hard-foam top for additional abrasion protection of the canopy, for those times when you leave the carrying case at home.

This small, convenient and lightweight hiking umbrella meets your high standards of stability and resistance even under unfavorable conditions.

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