Swing Flashlight

  • $70.60

This extremely durable and nearly unbreakable umbrella features a long-lasting LED-torch within its handle. Created with a minimum of metal parts, you are guaranteed stability even in the worst conditions.

Its pin-spring system, with an easy-to-find safety runner, ensures a painless opening and closing without pinching fingers.

Its comfortable, high-density, EVA hard-foam handle with a well-balanced grooved profile and adjustable wrist loop ensures a safe grip.

This umbrella is based on the same high-quality level as well as the Swing Umbrella. It can be stored in a practical foldable carrying sleeve case with non-slip fabric.

Double-stitched seams between the panels make the canopy very strong. Features patented safety tips with abrasion protection that are 100% fixed.

Its long lasting and powerful LED-torch takes standard coin cells 4 x 3 Volt – replaceable.

Excellent luminance - adequate substitute for separately carried LED-torch.
A minimum of approx. 23 hours long-term illumination usage.
Another 40 hours of non-stop usage as reading lamp.
By unscrewing the handle, the integrated lamp can be used as a torch.
Distress-signal (blink-function).
100% rainproof.

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