Swing Handsfree

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The highlight of this special umbrella is its telescope fiber glass shaft which is extendable up to one meter in length and can be fixed at any height by a small twisting movement.
  • By means of two accompanying turn-able clips, to be fastened in front with Velcro strips to the two carrying belts of the backpack, the umbrella can be positioned to the right or the left according to the direction of the wind. 
  • The elastic carrying loop at the umbrella handle serves as flexible fastening to the hip belt.
  • Without doubt, its greatest advantage is that your hands stay completely free! Free for trekking poles, free to hold on to something, free to use your phone or look at a map.
  • It is also extremely useful as protection from rain or sun for small kids riding on their parent's backs in a carrying seat
  • Of course, it can also be used as a completely ordinary umbrella. 
  • A comfortable velvety handle of touch-friendly high-density EVA hard-foam offers the highest possible carrying comfort. 
  • It is large enough to protect both hiker and backpack from rain
  • The choice of material and workmanship of this trekking umbrella meets the requirements hikers need from their equipment. 
  • A particularly lightweight and highly tear-resistant Polyester fabric with Teflon coating is used for the canopy
  • The entire umbrella frame consists of elastic and extremely break-proof fiber glass material. The frame is nearly completely metal-free and so corrosion-proof
Weight: 14.4oz (408.2g)
Canopy: 53" (134.6cm)
Open Width: 44" (111.8cm)
Open Length: 29.75" (75.6cm)
Closed Length: 29.75" (75.6cm)

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